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Makin' paste, baby.

So, twas the time yet again to make some paste - the harvests are in and the stocks are low.

Thought I would share the method that I use - you can find the original recipe on which I based my offering at the following link - Bad Kats Paste

All the weed has been very well dried - I use my solar drier which pretty much dries everything in 24 hours of Spanish sun. The instructions to make this 'hell on wheels' drier can be found here Super Drier - it knocks everything else into a cocked hat.

I am making this with the following types of weed:

  • 25gm 'Medicinal' which I allowed to go to seed and now have just the leaves left - plenty of CBD there.
  • 25gm of a hermaphrodite about which I know very little. I have used leaves flowers and buds from this plant.
  • 5gm Black Jack Auto - nice sativa baddie - seed info Black Jack Auto
I grind up the green in a coffee grinder which I save just for this purpose, and chuck it into my mason jar.

I then mix in a tablespoon of lecithin, some eco coconut butter and coco oil to get to a nice pasty consistency (technical term). I like to add the coco butter because I love the taste - slightly less oily.

This goes into the oven on it's lowest setting (mine is 150ºC) for 30 minutes, and then I turn it off, and leave the paste in for another 10 minutes.  It is a very poor oven with little or no regulation of the temperature and I have found this method to work best. According to Kitty's recipe, it should cook in an oven at 110ºC for 40 minutes, so this is my way around the limitations of my oven. I overcooked it the first time, and now prefer it to be a bit underdone.

Take it out and allow to cool, and then place in the freezer for 8 hours. 

Take out and allow to come to room temperature - and you are good to go but.... if you reheat it in the oven for a short while more, it will increase the narcotic effect. Not done this yet!

We store this in the fridge in a small tupperware box, and typically take a quarter teaspoon every night.  Taken in this manner, it takes about an hour or so to notice that there a mild buzz going on but if taken too late at night - the buzz can still be with you when rising early, which may cause a problem.

  • Solution 1 - enjoy.
  • Solution 2 - have a cup of tea with two sugars to kill the hit.

Hope this helps someone - much love to all.


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